Racing Victoria (ACN 096 917 930) is the Principal Racing Authority responsible for governing thoroughbred racing in Victoria.

Racing Victoria is collecting your personal information via this form including but not limited to your name, email, date of birth, phone number and signature. We are also collecting personal information about you which is considered sensitive or protected under applicable laws (such information includes your health information, such as your first or second vaccination dose (or booking date, as the case may be), lawful exception status or proof of vaccination status).

The purpose of collecting your personal information is for the legitimate interests of Racing Victoria, specifically in order to comply with its legal obligations which includes the general requirements and mandatory collection of certain employees vaccination information under the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions issued under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and in order to provide a safe and healthy workplace (Purpose).

If Racing Victoria is not able to confirm your personal information on this form and therefore unable to confirm your vaccination status, then you will be treated as unvaccinated and refused entry to the racing operations areas at racecourses on racedays, designated licensed premises in Victoria and Racing Victoria premises (unless the subject of a lawful exception).

We may use and/or disclose your personal (including sensitive) information for the Purpose, including by RV Stewards, the RV Crisis Management Team, RV’s People and Culture Team and RV’s Chief Medical Officer and third parties such as Racing Club administrators.

We will otherwise use, disclose and handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at (Privacy Policy). If you would like to seek access to or correct your personal information, or are concerned about a possible interference with your privacy, please refer to the Privacy Policy or contact Racing Victoria’s Privacy Officer at