What is Social Media?

Social Media is a popular way for people to communicate with each other in online communities of shared interest(s) and to create, share and consume content.

For the purposes of this Social Media Policy (Policy), Racing Victoria (RV) considers Social Media to include:

  • a) blogs and/or forums;
  • b) external and internal social networking sites such as (but not limited too) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram;
  • c) instant messaging apps (including SMS);
  • d) “comments” sections attached to online articles; and
  • e) any other website or form of digital media, which allows an individual user or company to upload and share content.
Who does this Policy apply to?

This Policy applies to all Participants within the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry (Industry) who are bound by the Rules of Racing (the Rules). For the purposes of this Policy, “Participants” is as defined in Racing Victoria’s Participant Protection Policy (PPP).

If you are either officially authorised to represent your employer or RV in Social Media, or if you are discussing RV or Industry related issues in your personal use of Social Media platforms, you are required to follow this Policy.

What does this Policy mean for Participants?

This Policy is designed to protect the interests of the Industry and the safety and wellbeing of all its Participants and is not intended to stifle reasonable and robust debate of Industry topics.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance to Participants with respect to their activity on Social Media where the Social Media engagement is about:

  • (a) the Industry;
  • (b) Participants in the Industry; and
  • (c) Industry clubs and/or organisations; and
  • (d) Racing Victoria.

Communications and comments on Social Media directed against other Participants, and/or those that may harm the Industry are the business of RV.

Responsibilities of Participants

As a Participant, when engaging in Social Media, especially about the Industry and other Participants, you must remember you are bound by the Rules and:

  • (a) be clear about who you are representing whether you are engaging in social media on behalf of your employer or expressing your opinion in your personal capacity;
  • (b) that even where you are offering your personal perspective on an Industry related matter (including about RV and/or other Participants), be mindful about your commentary and opinion, in that it does not breach privacy, confidentiality or integrity requirements;
  • (c) ensure that you do not knowingly use the identity of another person (including anonymous, “burner” and/or fake accounts);
  • (d) show respect for the individuals and communities with whom you interact; and
  • (e) to take into consideration that your comments/content may have the potential to cause harm to the emotional, mental wellbeing and/or physical health of another Participant.

RV has a responsibility to protect the safety and wellbeing of the Industry and its Participants, as do you.

Conduct which may be a breach of this Policy

RV is primarily concerned with a Participant’s use of Social Media that is deemed by RV in its sole discretion to be prejudicial to the interests and/or image of racing.

As a guide, RV may consider the following conduct on Social Media, as a breach of this Policy:

  • a) the publishing or posting of content and/or material which uses obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory or abusive language;
  • b) accessing, downloading or transmitting any kind of sexually explicit material, violent and/or graphic images;
  • c) accessing, downloading or transmitting any material deemed to be illegal under Commonwealth or State law;
  • d) accessing, downloading or transmitting hate speech and/or racist material;
  • e) breaching the reasonable expectation of privacy of a person; and
  • f) attempting to gain unauthorised access to the computing resources of RV.
What happens if I become aware of a potential breach of this Policy?

If you are aware of conduct which may be deemed a potential breach of this Policy, we request you report it to RV’s Participant Protection Case Manager by either:

What happens if I breach this Policy?

Pursuant to AR 233(a), a breach of this Policy by a Participant may be considered a breach of the Rules. Indeed, depending on the conduct identified, charges and penalties may be applied under a range of Rules, including AR 228(d), AR 228(e), AR 233(b) and AR 233(c).

For guidelines and further information please go to the RV website www.racingvictoria.com.au or contact the RV Participant Protection Case Manager by telephone on (03) 9258 4258.

Download the Racing Victoria Social Media Policy

Click here to download the Racing Victoria Social Media Policy.