Industry Notice - Glycerine / Vicks / Ice

Trainers are advised that the application of Glycerine and / or Vicks Vaporub by any means is not permitted prior to racing.

The application of ice to the limbs of any horse following its presentation on the racecourse for the purposes of competing in a race, is not permitted.

Prohibited Substances

Trainers and veterinarians should be aware that multiple doses, prolonged courses of treatment or doses in excess of the recommended therapeutic dose for certain preparations containing Prohibited Substances may prolong the time of their excretion and subsequent detection in blood and/or urine samples collected or analysis.
Where two or more preparations are administered in combination, concurrently or within similar excretory timeframes, the time of excretion of one and/or both of the substances administered and therefore their subsequent detection in blood and/or urine samples, may be prolonged significantly in some circumstances. Substances which are not prohibited under the Rules (such as antibiotics, anti-ulcer agents etc.) may have the potential to delay the excretion of some substances which are prohibited under the Rules when similarly administered.

Trainers and veterinarians are strongly urged to apply suitably conservative withdrawal times before the presentation for racing of horses so treated. Alternatively, where doubt exists, samples from such horses should be submitted for elective testing to ensure compliance with the relevant Rules when presented for racing.