Notice to Trainers - Advice regarding Racehorses that have been treated with Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory drug and so is a prohibited substance. Ibuprofen is not registered for use in horses and limited information is available on its excretion.

After recent consideration, RV will not seek to amend the Australian Rules of Racing for horses affected by the issues relating to the detection of ibuprofen on raceday.

The RV Board endorsed the recommendation of RV’s Integrity Council to enforce the Rules of Racing as they stand on the basis that there is no legitimate case for allowing any exemption that would compromise the Australian racing industry’s commitment to drug-free racing.

In the immediate future RV will continue to work with trainers in facilitating elective testing on the small group of affected horses, however it will remain the decision of the trainer whether they are satisfied that their horse is free of the substance when presented to race.

Trainers are reminded that it is difficult to make any reliable predictions about the clearance of Ibuprofen from horses based on the information available.  This is especially so if large and or multiple doses or exposures to the drug have occurred.  
Trainers, who have racehorses in their care that have been treated with large and or multiple doses of Ibuprofen, are advised to contact Racing Victoria Veterinary Department, prior to racing the affected horses, regardless of the status of previous elective test results.

Racing Victoria considers that the only safe way for trainers to avoid contravening the prohibited substance offence rules with Ibuprofen is not to administer Ibuprofen to racehorses (at any time) or allow Ibuprofen in racing stables.


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