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Update on The All Star Mile Voting

Racing Victoria (RV) Executive General Manager – Racing, Greg Carpenter, has provided the following update regarding the management of multiple voting that has been identified in its review of voting for The All-Star Mile:

“The terms and conditions of The All-Star Mile competition state that eligible entrants may only enter once, and accordingly, voting on multiple occasions is in breach of the terms and conditions. Every entrant has agreed to adhere to the terms and conditions of the competition and acknowledged this on entry.

“During our review of voting yesterday, we identified persons voting on multiple occasions with a different email address in breach of the terms and conditions.

“Those multiple votes represent a small minority of the total votes received to this point and are spread across a vast number of the 130 nominated horses. The review found no evidence of an orchestrated campaign of multiple voting to support any particular horse.

“The review indicates that the vast majority of those persons who have voted on multiple occasions have done so twice. Under the terms and conditions of the competition, those persons who we have identified as lodging multiple votes will be ruled ineligible, their votes will be removed from the count at the conclusion of the voting period and they will not be eligible to win any prizes under the competition.

“Due to the multiple votes being a small minority of the total and the fact they are spread across a broad range of horses, the review indicated that the removal of those votes would have not changed the composition of the top 10 horses at the time.

“The important message for those owners and trainers with nominated horses in The All-Star Mile is that the outcome of the voting will not be influenced by detected multiple votes.

“We have built in time between the conclusion of the voting on 18 February and the announcement of the final top 10 horses on 21 February to complete the verification and undertake the removal of all detected multiple votes.

“Steps were taken prior to the commencement of voting to reduce the ability for multiple votes to be lodged, however we’ve identified a situation where persons have been able to do so and this will be dealt with appropriately in line with the terms and conditions of entry.

“We are satisfied that the processes in place, which are overseen by one of the big four accounting firms, are appropriate to protect the integrity of the competition.

“The All-Star Mile is a unique concept and we are capturing many learnings from this year’s event. Exploring opportunities to further enhance our measures preventing multiple votes is naturally something we’ll explore as part of our review and planning for next year.”

In issuing the update, Carpenter reminded all that whilst voting on The All-Star Mile goes in-camera from 12pm (AEDST) tomorrow – Friday, 15 February – it will be open until 12pm (AEDST) on Monday, 18 February.

“The blackout period will commence at noon on Friday and has been planned to add some suspense to the finalisation and subsequent announcement of the top 10 voted horses next Thursday, 21 February.

“During this blackout period the leaderboard will not be published, so we’re encouraging people to vote with their heart during the all-important final 72 hours to give their favourite horse the chance to compete in The All-Star Mile.

“In doing so, I remind voters that if they wish to remain eligible for the competition and the opportunity to win a share of the $500,000 public prizemoney pool then they must only enter and vote once as required under the terms and conditions, or else they will be ruled ineligible come Monday.”