Michael Walker

Sale abandonment

Today’s meeting at Sale (Wednesday, 31 July) was abandoned following a fall in Race 5 involving jockeys Chris Caserta, Michael Walker, Joe Bowditch and Thomas Stockdale.

The decision was made by Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards, in consultation with the jockeys engaged in the remaining races at Sale, due to the jockeys’ concerns for the welfare of their fellow riders.

Chris Caserta was airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital after suffering a concussion and complaining of rib and back soreness. He is conscious and is currently undergoing scans.

Joe Bowditch (possible fractured clavicle) and Thomas Stockdale were both transported to Sale Hospital for further examination with Stockdale subsequently diagnosed with a foot fracture.

Michael Walker suffered back soreness however was cleared by medical staff to return home.

All horses involved were cleared of any serious injuries by the RV veterinary team.

An inquiry into the circumstances that led to the fall was adjourned by Stewards. In doing so, the Stewards noted that they were satisfied with the condition of the racetrack and that it did not play a role in the racing incident.

Trainers with runners in the abandoned races (6-10) are permitted to nominate as normal entries for the upcoming Echuca (Monday, 5 August) and Wodonga (Tuesday, 6 August) meetings until 10am tomorrow.