RV Stewards' Report - Marmelo

Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards have tonight ordered the withdrawal of Marmelo from the 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup on 5 November at Flemington acting upon veterinary advice.

Stewards received a RV veterinary report advising that Marmelo would not be fit to compete in the Melbourne Cup if it was held on the day of final acceptances closing (Saturday, 2 November 2019) as stated within the conditions of the race.

Marmelo was referred to the University of Melbourne Equine Clinic to undergo a standing CT scan across the weekend after showing signs of soreness upon inspection by RV veterinarians.

The results of the standing CT scan indicated an incomplete fracture in the horse’s near fore cannon bone and an incomplete fracture in its off hind cannon bone.

Having considered the RV veterinary report, in addition to veterinary reports submitted by trainer Hughie Morrison, Stewards acting under AR20(d) have ordered the withdrawal of the horse from the Melbourne Cup.

Stewards made their decision to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Marmelo, along with his potential competitors and riders.

Mr Morrison has been advised of the Stewards’ decision.