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Stewards' Report - Scott Kempster

Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards have this afternoon concluded an inquiry into the conduct of registered stable employee Scott Kempster which was opened and adjourned at Geelong Racecourse on Friday, 31 July following receipt of information regarding possible breaches of COVID-19 protocols.

Mr Kempster was issued with one charge under AR 227(a) which states:

AR 227 Breaches of the Rules

Without limiting any other powers, a PRA or the Stewards may penalise any person who:

(a) commits any breach of the Rules, or engages in conduct or negligence which has led or could have led to a breach of the Rules;

The particulars of the charge being that on Friday, 31 July 2020 Mr Kempster entered through a gate not manned by people conducting temperature testing or health questioning, which resulted in him not being temperature tested or questioned about his health as he entered Geelong Racecourse.

This constituted negligent conduct, which led or could have led to a breach of the Rules of Racing, including (but not limited to) AR 228(a) and AR 232(b) (being conduct prejudicial to the welfare of racing and failing to comply with a requirement of the Stewards or an official, respectively)

Mr Kempster pleaded guilty and was fined $2000.