Racing Victoria partners with leading equine college to support horse welfare education

Racing Victoria (RV), via its Off The Track (OTT) program is pleased to announce a new partnership with Marcus Oldham College, one of Australia’s leading equine education providers.

The one-year deal, which has an option to be extended to 2023, will help increase opportunities for new talent entering the thoroughbred racing industry via Marcus Oldham’s Diploma of Equine Management Program.

As part of the partnership, RV will provide students with insight into its Equine Welfare Strategic Plan and the work it is undertaking to deliver better welfare outcomes for all Victorian thoroughbred racehorses.

Students will also get access to industry leaders to learn more about good welfare practices across all aspects of the sport – ensuring equine welfare is at the forefront of their decision-making.

In addition, RV will provide students with a greater understanding of its post-racing efforts, and the programs that support the successful transition of retired racehorses to second careers. 

This will include RV Acknowledged Retrainers participating in clinics run by Marcus Oldham to teach students about their work to re-educate and rehome thoroughbreds following their time in the racing industry.

The partnership will also provide RV with the opportunity to engage Marcus Oldham’s alumni network to expand awareness of its equine welfare projects, as well as co-branding and promotional opportunities at events and clinics.

The partnership between RV and Marcus Oldham will ensure graduates of the Diploma grow a deeper understanding and commitment to welfare in all aspects of their future careers, whether on a breeding barn, in the equestrian ring, or on the race track.

Attributable Quotes:

RV General Manager, Equine Welfare - Jennifer Hughes:

“RV has enjoyed an informal relationship with Marcus Oldham for many years, and we are pleased to be able to expand this through a formal partnership in 2021 with a greater focus on equine welfare.

“Marcus Oldham is the preeminent starting point for anyone looking to gain entry into the racing industry, and with an exceptional alumni including trainer Henry Dwyer, I expect to see many course graduates excelling in their chosen fields within the thoroughbred industry.

“These sponsorships support the wider work we are undergoing as part of our strategic plan, including a statewide rehoming network which supports retired thoroughbreds transitioning into second careers and an expanded Off The Track program to create more career opportunities for thoroughbreds who have retired from racing.”

Attributable Quotes – Marcus Oldham Director of Equine Management, Emma Morel:

“Marcus Oldham is thrilled to be working with RV and their Off The Track team to provide our students with a greater understanding of the efforts being undertaken to support better welfare outcomes for thoroughbreds at all stages of their lives.

“As educators of the next generation of industry professionals we see this relationship as a natural collaboration which will inspire our students and, most importantly, positively impact the lives of off-the-track horses.”   

About Marcus Oldham College:

Since 1962, Marcus Oldham, has built an enviable reputation both nationally and internationally for preparing business leaders who pursue successful careers in agriculture, agribusiness and equine management.

Students of Marcus Oldham are all encouraged to have a number of years working in industry before attending the College. This exposure to industry means a more mature student committed to achieving better learning outcomes.

During their study at the College, students will be exposed to experiential learning, case studies, practical examples and several tours both domestic and international.

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About the Diploma of Equine Management Program:

The Diploma of Equine Management aims to equip students with the practical husbandry and business skills necessary for a successful career in their chosen equine field.

The intensive one-year Diploma of Equine Management is structured equally into three broad areas: practical and horse management skills, equine science and business management.

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