Stewards' Report - Trudy Cottier

Racing Victoria Stewards have today issued two charges against licensed trainer Trudy Cottier following an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the sending of a parcel containing medications.

Ms Cottier has been charged under Australian Rule of Racing 228(b) which states:

AR 228 Conduct detrimental to the interests of racing

A person must not engage in:

(b) misconduct, improper conduct or unseemly behaviour;

In contravention of AR 228(b) Stewards allege Ms Cottier sent a parcel containing a typed letter and medications in an attempt to incriminate other licensed person/s.

Ms Cottier has also been charged under Australian Rule of Racing 232(i) which states:

AR 232 Failure to observe processes and directions of PRAs or Stewards

A person must not:

(i) give any evidence at an interview, investigation, inquiry, hearing and/or appeal which is false or misleading.

In contravention of AR 232(i) Stewards allege when being interviewed Ms Cottier provided evidence that was false and/or misleading.

The charges will be heard by the Victorian Racing Tribunal on a date to be fixed.