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Notice to Trainers - Blue Green Algae

The Australian Veterinary Association have released the following alert:

Livestock managers using irrigation need to be alert to recent warnings in regards to some Murray River basin water supplies being contaminated with blue green algae.

Experts from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) have warned that toxic blue-green algal blooms can kill livestock and dangerously pollute fresh fruit and vegetables and pasture irrigated with affected water.

"If locally based livestock such as cows, sheep or horses consume the water contaminated by blue green algae it has the potential to kill large numbers in a very short period of time," Chief Veterinary Officer Charles Milne said.
"Producers are advised to access alternative stock water supplies and avoid grazing pastures that have been irrigated using affected water."

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Blue green algae have been known to cause acute death in livestock and horses within 24 hours. Animals develop severe liver damage as a result of these toxins. 
Veterinary and Equine Welfare Department, Racing Victoria.