Pre-race veterinary examinations on raceday

Trainers are reminded that the Stewards may request an Official Raceday Veterinarian to conduct a pre-race veterinary examination on raceday on any horse accepted to race.

This may be at the discretion of the Stewards who may identify any horse for inspection, but in the following circumstances the examination is usually mandatory:

  • Runner aged 12 years
  • Competing in a Jumps race
  • Competing in a race distance 3000m or more
  • Runner raced within previous 3 days
  • Not raced in last 12 months or more

The trainer of a horse that requires a mandatory examination or is informed by a Racing Victoria official on raceday that a pre-race veterinary examination is required for any reason should present their horse to the veterinary facility in a timely manner after arrival on-course.