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Do you have any available agistment?

Racing Victoria is compiling a list of appropriate agistment opportunities for thoroughbred racehorses to assist Victorian owners and trainers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any availability for agistment and would like your details made available on the Racing Victoria website, please complete the Equine Premises Availability Form.

What is this form?

The Equine Premises Availability Form is for individuals or businesses to submit their property details, agistment fees and the options they have available to accommodate thoroughbreds for the purpose of spelling.

Who can complete this form?

Any thoroughbred establishment, equine agistment farm or individual who offers agistment services or has the appropriate facilities to accommodate thoroughbreds for the purpose of spelling.

Can I forward this link?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to forward this link to anyone who may be able to assist with agistment opportunities for Victorian owners and trainers.

Where can I see the list of premises?

You can view the current list of premises available for agistment opportunities by clicking here. This list is updated regularly and we will remove any premises that become unavailable.

If you have any questions in relation to Equine Premises Availability Form, please contact Racing Victoria’s Equine Welfare team on 03 9258 4258 or