Prohibition on owners placing a lay bet

All owners are reminded it is an offence under the Australian Rules of Racing to lay any horse that they own.

 Regardless of the ownership percentage or interest, owners are not permitted to lay a horse they own under any circumstances, have a horse laid on their behalf or be party to the laying of a horse which they own.

If an owner breaches this rule, they may be penalised by a Principal Racing Authority or the Stewards.

Owners may hold an account with betting exchange Betfair, but must not lay their own horse.

For your information, Australian Rule of Racing 237 states:

AR 237 Prohibition on persons laying horses

  1. A trainer must not lay any horse that is either under the trainer’s care, control or supervision, or has been at any time in the preceding 21 days.
  2.  A person employed by a trainer in connection with the training or care of horses must not lay any horse under the care, control or supervision of the trainer for whom the person is or was employed while employed and for a period of 21 days after ceasing to be employed.
  3. An owner or nominator must not lay any horse that is or may be entered by that owner or nominator or on that person’s behalf, provided that a bookmaker may lay a horse in accordance with the bookmaker’s licence.
  4. A rider’s agent must not lay any horse to be ridden by a rider for whom that person is an agent.
  5. A person who has provided a service/s connected with the keeping, training or racing of a horse must not lay that horse within 21 days of last providing that service.
  6. A person must not offer an inducement to a participant in racing with the intention of profiting from a horse not participating in an event to the best of its ability.
  7. In circumstances where it is a breach of this rule for a person to lay a horse, it is also a breach of this rule for that person to:

(a) have a horse laid on his or her behalf; or
(b) receive any money or other valuable consideration in any way connected with the laying of the horse by another person.