Amber Mctaggart riding Dash of Elegance

The power of community increasing the visibility of retired Victorian racehorses

In what is believed to be a racing world first, Racing Victoria’s (RV) Off The Track Community, launched in May this year, is paving the way to better understand the movement of retired racehorses in Victoria.

With thousands of off-the-track thoroughbreds enjoying second careers across Australia, RV, in only seven months of the Off The Track Community being active, has better visibility of retired racehorses than ever before.

With more than 3,800 members registered on the platform, over half have claimed an off-the-track thoroughbred. These claims are made by members who can identify their horse by supplying the necessary branding images and associated details to confirm their ownership.

Of the more than 2,000 horses claimed, 50 per cent are aged 10 or over, along with more than 500 members indicating they have 20 or more years’ experience riding.

Well supported by the Victorian equestrian community, more than 2,000 members have indicated they’re owner-riders, of which 1,300 are competing in dressage and eventing competitions.

The Off The Track Community is also well backed by those with less competitive horses, with more than 1,000 members indicating their interest in pleasure and trailing riding.

In addition to being able to claim a horse, Off The Track Community members can also register as a ‘full circle’ emergency contact. This means that if a horse finds itself in a poor welfare situation, RV has a direct contact who is willing to assist.

With more than 700 ‘full circle’ members, primarily previous owners, an important safety net is being built for retired racehorses across Victoria.

The incentive-based platform, while focusing on improving RV’s visibility of retired racehorses across the state, is also an important tool to support owners and riders of off-the-track thoroughbreds, through educational offerings, webinars, news and video updates.

The Off The Track Community is also an important resource for thoroughbred owners to access RV’s statewide network of Acknowledged Retrainers to support the retraining and rehoming of horses as they transition into second careers. In addition to this, owners can also use the platform to register their horse for industry supported initiatives, such as the RESET Program.

Another useful resource for trainer and current owners is the platforms Post-Racing Transition Guide. This provides trainers and/or owners of retiring or recently retired horses with options and information on how to access Racing Victoria’s programs or how to get further support for their horse.

As the community grows, so will the features offered, with an events calendar the latest arrival for riders to directly access Off The Track events. This will soon include a registration portal for those to directly enter Off The Track sponsored events and clinics.

The Off The Track Community isn’t just for owners and riders. New functionality for fans to follow and keep up to date with the latest movements of their favourite horses enjoying second careers is also now available in the form of a story feed and direct updates from the horse’s owner.

Such has been the positive response to the Off The Track Community, it has had members join from other Australian states and territories, and even a couple of overseas owners wishing to claim their horse.

To check out the Off The Track Community and claim your horse, visit If you have any further questions about the platform, contact RV’s equine welfare team at