COVID-19 - Horse Management


The Victorian Thoroughbred Racing Industry is committed to the welfare of all racehorses affected during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. For anyone needing assistance related to horse welfare, please call 03 9258 4258 or email


Name: George

Contact details: 0411 526 859

Location: Albion

Facility details: 1 safe stable and day yard

Supervision / Care: George can look after horses for free

Term: Weeks

Non vax horses: Yes

Extra notes: George can follow vet instructions if injured


Name: Tim

Contact details: 0439 636 133

Location: Ararat

Facility details: Two horses. Available paddock is approx. 40 acres with good shade and natural pastures supplemented with oaten hay

Supervision/Care: Daily supervision provided

Term: Weeks

Non vax horses: Prefer vaccinated but will consider not

Extra notes: Able to pick up in safe transport and offer temporary accommodation when safe to do so


Mickleham Rd, Atwood

Name: David

Contact details: 0406 404 830

Facility details: Capacity for 4-6 horses, few stables and small paddocks

Supervision/Care: Can provide some supervision but it depends on the condition of the horses and whether they need medical attention. There would need to be hay/feed supplied and shavings if stable is to be used

Term: Days or weeks if need be

Non vax horses: Yes



Name: Jacqueline

Contact details: 0427 051 655

Facility details: 5-6 acres, good fencing, 1 x paddock shelter, 1 x paddock with shelter or 2 x paddocks if close the gate, but only one paddock would have paddock shelter

Supervision / Care: Hay available, happy to hard feed as well, if needed

Term: Short or long term

Non vax horses: No

Extra notes: Older hoses preferred due to current horses on property


Name: Nancy

Contact details: 0432 192 266

Facility details: Paddocks with shelters for up to 10 horses

Supervision / Care: Opportunity for round bales to be arranged

Term: Short-medium

Non vax horses: Yes

Extra notes: N/A


Name: Bryan

Location: Euroa

Contact details: 0414 782 487

Facility details: Large acreage - can take 20 horses, 14 stables

Supervision/Care: Owner supervision preferred but supervision may be able to be arranged if necessary

Term: As long as needed

Non vax horses: Yes

Freshwater Creek

Name: Michele

Location: Freshwater Creek

Contact details: 0407 681 462

Facility details: Maximum six horses, sixe acre paddock with natural shelter and electric fencing, two post and rail stallion farms with electric fencing and natural shade and shelter, two stables available. Property is 80 acres.

Supervision/Care: Live on property

Term: Weeks

Non vax horses: Yes

Name: Fiona

Contact details: 0413 650 822

Location: Inverleigh

Facility details: Large spelling paddock and a number of smaller paddocks

Supervision/Care: Feeding morning and evening can be provided.

Term: Weeks

Non vax horses: Yes

Lake Bolac

Name: Matisses

Location: Lake Bolac

Contact details: 0424 046 910

Facility details: 8 paddocks all with shelters, 10 stables, 2 extra large uncover yards all available.

Supervision/Care: Full supervision, can arrange hay

Term: Short or long

Non vax horses: No

Extra notes: Also have a 6 horse truck and can arrange transportation and can be used as accommodation for owners, has full kitchen, shower, couch and king sized bed.

Main Ridge

Name: Alisha

Location: Main Ridge

Contact details: 0439 688 654

Facility details: 10 x stables, mob paddock and about 2-3 individual paddocks

Supervision/Care: Supervision of property by staff - can feed hay

Term: Weeks to months

Non vax horses: No


Name: Kirra

Location: Modeware

Contact details: 0437 695 768

Facility details: Large open stable / day yards (no paddock)

Supervision/Care: Owner supervision / care required

Term: Available after 13 January, horses in training only

Non vax horses: No

Extra notes: Located 30 minutes from Geelong Racecourse


Name: Kerstin

Location: Seymour

Contact details: 0484 712 256

Facility details: Five undercover yards for five horses

Supervision/Care: Feed needs to be supplied by happy to feed and water them

Term: As long as is needed

Non vax horses: Yes


Name: Nioka

Location: Smeaton

Contact details: 0427 456 385

Facility details: Capacity for 20 horses. Horse safe fencing - electric fencing, grass in paddocks, approx. 20 acres to spare. Stable facilities with wash bay.

Supervision/Care: Staff on farm if required

Term: Up to 3 months

Non vax horses: Yes (have quarantine facilities)

Extra notes: Facilities for rehab and I am more than capable of being able to provide care for these horses. I am competent with stallions, colts, mares, foals and young stock.

Swan Hill

Name: Helen

Location: Swan Hill

Contact details: 0419 383 503

Facility details: 30 acres - can take 6 horses.

Supervision/Care: Supervised

Term: Until June

Non vax horses: No

For information about the management of horses affect by bushfires, please click here

Agistment for Horses - Things you should know

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