How 'After Racing Care' works in other countries - IFAR

International travel might be off the cards for now but let’s take this opportunity to globetrot and see how the rest of the world approaches horse welfare.

This series will introduce you to how international racing jurisdictions are working together to provide leadership, expert advice and support to enhance their approach to the care of retired racehorses.

Let’s start by getting to know IFAR.

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses, better known as IFAR, was established in 2016 to advocate for the lifetime care of retired racehorses and to increase awareness within the international racing community of its responsibility to protect the welfare and safety of all racehorses.

The forums have been successful in bringing aftercare responsibilities to the top of the racing world’s consciousness, and through its network is focused on improving the education on lifetime care, including end-of-life issues, to all international racing communities and the general public.

Previous forums have been held in Washington, D.C.; Seoul, South Korea; Oslo, Norway; and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our very own General Manager of Equine Welfare, Jennifer Hughes, is a member of the IFAR steering group, helping promote the versatility, adaptability and potential of thoroughbreds for various second careers.

To learn more about IFAR check out their website or follow them on Facebook.