Apprentice Jockey Training Program

The Racing Victoria (RV) Apprentice Jockey Training Program (AJTP) aims to develop professional athletes for an international career in the racing industry. The program is conducted with partners including the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) and Exercise Research Australia (ERA).

The AJTP is a high-performance athlete program that operates in a continuous improvement environment. Graduates will earn the:

Certificate IV in Racing - Jockey

The program also currently delivers/provides the following across the 4 years:

1. National Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS) Program

2. Specialist Providers

  • Apprentice Jockey Coaches
  • Athlete Development and Industry Careers Advisor
  • Jockey Wellbeing and Safety Officer
  • Stipendiary Steward attached to the program
  • Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner
  • Sports Science and Sports Medicine (Psychology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Chief Medical Officer,)
  • Exercise Research Australia (ERA) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) provide services and access to other sport high-performance athletes and role models
  • Race Riding, Performance Analysis
  • Media, Finance and Business skills
  • Defensive Driver Training (Murcotts Driver Excellence)

As athletes in all sports have to make a decision about how long they are able to compete, apprentices will also be supported to undertake further education and training to prepare for and transition to a career post riding from day one.
The career benefits for leading jockeys can be significant as jockeys earn riding fees and receive a percentage of prize money so the program will also prepare athletes to manage this.

Duration: 4 years (may be extended)
Key Agreements: Deed of Agreement
Classroom Frequency:
  • Year 1: 2 days per month
  •  Year 2: 1 day per month
  • Year 3: 1 day per month
  • Year 4: 1 day (alternate months) commencing March
(Generally classes operate from February to November)
Training & Education
Training: Workplace (includes stable(s), race track, race rides, trials) and Classroom

The theory component is completed through a blended learning delivery model of training. This means the athletes complete work through face to face delivery, online learning, practical and written assignments and skills assessments. There will be aspects of work that will be required to be completed at home in between training blocks at Racing Victoria.

A detailed timetable will be emailed out each month in the week preceding the scheduled training block at Racing Victoria.

Sport Science Sports Medicine (SSSM):

Twice yearly all athletes participate in sports science medicine testing at ERA. The information gathered from this testing is used to assist the athletes to continually build upon and make improvements to their physical health and fitness. To meet the demands of being a professional jockey, it is important as a high performance athlete you are always in the best physical state and healthy weight range for peak performance.
Performance Plan
Individual Performance plans are an opportunity to set and review personal and professional goals with the Jockey coaches. These will be conducted twice yearly and will cover areas such as fitness, nutrition, personal development, conduct, education, race riding development and performance.
Training Dates
Apprentice Jockey Training Program Dates - 2016 Calendar Year

Year 1 & 2 (AJTP starting year 2017/2016)
Month Date 
February 16th and 17th
March 16th and 18th
April 12th and 13th
May 18th and 19th
June  15th and 16th 
July  13th and 14th
Year 3 (AJTP starting year 2015)
Month Date 
February 27th
March 27th
April 24th
May 30th
June 26th
July 25th
Year 4 (AJTP starting year 2014)
Month Date 
January N/A
February N/A
March 6th
April N/A
May 8th
June N/A 
July  3rd 
For further information:
Ron Hall
Matthew Pumpa
Darren Gauchi
Melissa Weatherley