Track Rating Policy

Victorian Thoroughbred Racing Industry has developed this Track Rating Policy to assist Clubs in the rating of tracks for race day.
The objective of this policy is to describe the desired condition of a track for the race meeting. New rating information has been developed for use around Australia from 1 December, 2014.
The Preparation of Race Track Surfaces
The policy of Racing Victoria Limited requires Clubs to provide a racing surface that is:

(a) conductive to safe, and fair racing;
(b) of uniform and reliable footing;

Clubs should aim to prepare tracks with a rating of GOOD 3 for the race meeting. Further to this, the aim should be that tracks are not any firmer than Good 3 during the race meeting.

Clubs should not place compliance with this policy in advance of an accurate track rating.
Track Ratings
Previous Rating New Rating Numerical Rating Description of Numerical Rating
Fast Firm 1 Dry hard track
Good Firm 2 Firm track with reasonable grass coverage
Good Good 3 Track with good grass coverage and cushion
Dead Good 4 Track with some give in it
Dead Soft 5 Track with a reasonable amount of give in it
Slow Soft 6 Moist but not badly affected track
Slow Soft 7 More rain-affected track that will chop up
Heavy Heavy 8 Rain affected track that horses will get into
Heavy Heavy 9 Wet track getting into a squelchy area
Heavy Heavy 10 Heaviest category track, very wet, towards saturation
Synthetic Racetracks – while not being categorised under the same ratings system as Turf Racetracks should abide by the above dot points (a) and (b). 
Track Rating Submission Timeframes and Deadlines
From Monday 31 Aug 2015, Victorian Club Track Managers are required to enter track conditions directly via SNS Race Day - entry will no longer be performed by Racing Australia using Track Watch.
  • There are four compulsory Racing Victoria submission timeframes and deadlines for Track Condition Reporting outlined below.
  • No further Track Condition Reports outside of these are required to be submitted unless there is a change in Track Rating.
    If there is a change in Track Rating at any stage between the reporting deadlines an additional report must be entered

Report Inspection Timeframe Inspection Deadline for Track Rating to be submitted Non Submission follow up
1 Day of nominations close
[after nominations close]
Following Noms Close & Prior to 2:50pm

By Racing Victoria
Post 3pm and prior to 4pm
2 Day before acceptances close
[after nominations close]

Prior to 2:50pm

By Racing Victoria
Post 3pm and prior to 4pm
3 Day before Race Day
[after acceptances close]
Prior to 2:50pm

By Racing Victoria
Post 3pm and prior to 4pm
4 Race Day
[after acceptances close]
Prior to 6:50am

By Racing Victoria
Post 6:50am

Training Track Approval Forms
Training Track Approval Form