The Melbourne Cup Carnival Country Series is run exclusively for country trainers licensed in Victoria without a metropolitan base nationwide.

The $1.3 million series this year features eight $100,000 heats at Murtoa (5 October), Cranbourne (11 October), Hamilton (12 October), Horsham (20 October), Seymour (20 October), Geelong (23 October), Sale (27 October) and Bendigo (30 October).

The series will again culminate with the 1600m final at Flemington on Kennedy Oaks Day, 7 November, where the first two placed horses from each heat will have the opportunity to compete for $500,000 in prizemoney.


2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival Country Series - Finalists

 Horse Trainer Heat Location Finishing Position
 Brilliant Concept Matthew Williams 1 Murtoa 1st
 Rebellious Lord Mark O'Donnell 1 Murtoa 2nd
 Kaplumpich Kevin Corstens 2 Cranbourne 1st
 No Money No Honey Richard Laming 2 Cranbourne 2nd
 Diplomac Jack Thomas Carberry 3 Hamilton 1st
 Blinder Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young 3 Hamilton 2nd
 The Great Article Paul Preusker 4 Horsham 1st
 Boss Coni Terry & Karina O'Sullivan 4  Horsham 2nd 
 Ripplebrook Sharyn Trolove 5  Seymour 1st
 Starspangled Rodeo  Joseph Waldron 5 Seymour 2nd
 Harbour Views Matthew Williams 6 Geelong 1st
 O'tauto Greg Eurell 6 Geelong  2nd
    7 Sale  1st
    7 Sale  2nd
     8  Bendigo 1st
     8 Bendigo 2nd

Heat 1 - Murtoa
Finish Horse Trainer
1 Brilliant Concept  Matthew Williams 
 2 Rebellious Lord Mark O'Donnell
 3 Santelmo Fuego Symon Wilde
 4 So Astounding Michelle Payne
 5 Elite Joy Kevin McCartin
 6 Abyssinian Enver Jusufovic
 7 Unrealistic Geoff Withers
 8 Tezlah Simon Morrish
 9 Sentimentalist Terry & Katrina O'Sullivan
 10 Yankee Toff Melody Cunningham
 11 Tavitaka Jamie Edwards
 12 Viva Acheeva Tom Conlan

Heat 2 - Cranbourne
Finish Horse Trainer
1 Kaplumpich Kevin Corstens 
 2 No Money No Honey Richard Laming 
 3 Full of Theories Ebony Tucker 
 4 Alsvin Shea Eden
 5 Extending Bruce Purcell
 6 Trigger Point Lyn Tolson & Leonie Proctor
 7 Boltoutoftheblue Simone Ferchie
 8 Weapon Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young
 9 Caribbean Pearl Jason Warren
 10 Lucky Cat Trevor Rogers
 11 Montaser Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young
 12 Smooth Whiskey Robbie Griffiths

Heat 3 - Hamilton
Finish Horse Trainer
1 Diplomac Jack
Thomas Carberry
 2 Blinder Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young
 3 Silent Command Nick Smart
 4 Kent Street Peter Chow
 5 Lamington Drive Archie Alexander 
 6 Nahanni Shayne Fisher
 7 Sacred Theme Simon Morrish
 8 Twinspier Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young
 9 Is Don Is Good Charlotte LIttlefield
 10 Zeze Ulater Simone Gebert
 11 Silence The Stars Deanne Taylor

Heat 4 -  Horsham
Finish Horse Trainer
1 The Great Artiste Paul Preusker
 2 Boss Coni Terry & Katrina O'Sullivan
 3 Paremuus Boy Matthew Williams
 4 Wyangle Craig Widdison
 5 Blood Oath Enver Jusufovic
 6 Smart Horse Brent Stanley
 7 Uptown Lilly George Osbourne
 8 Midnight Cowboy Nathan Hobson
 9 Gasworx George Osborne
 10 Stylish Assassin Andrew Campbell
 11 Shift Shamus Matt Laurie
 11 Alsvin Shea Eden
 13 Our Bottino  Matthew Williams

Heat 5 -  Seymour
Finish Horse Trainer
1 Ripplebrook Sharyn Trolove
 2 Starspangled Rodeo Joseph Waldron  
 3 Twilight Run Kevin Corstens
 4 Aree Al Robbie Laing
 5 Kent Street Peter Chow 
 6 Pressure  Matt Cumani
 7 Firstclass Dreamer  Matthew Brown
 8 Nangawooka  Matthew Brown
 9 Epic Mmoent  Nathan McPherson
 10 Twinspier  Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young
 11 One Hellofa Family  Renee Hoysted
 12 Full Of Theories  Ebony Tucker