A Visiting International Trainer licence will allow you to train as a visitor on Victorian racecourses for a period of 2 months between 1st December and 31st July, or 3 months between 1st August and 30th November. 
Prior to the horse’s arrival in Victoria, you must complete a Visiting International Trainer Application form which requires you to provide:
  • a Racing Clearance from the Racing Authority with which you are licensed as a Trainer;
  • a copy of your International Bank Details form (included in the application pack);
  • a copy of your Passport;
  • a colour passport-size photo; and
  • an Australian Visa that permits you to carry out this role (not required for NZ applicants)
You are also required to read and acknowledge the following:
  • Notices to Trainers; • Alcohol and Drug Testing at Werribee International Horse Centre (WIHC); and
  • Banned Substances Information Sheet
The only fee applicable for visitors relates to the Public Liability Insurance Policy. This fee is applied as follows:
  • $385.00 flat fee covering 1st September to 30th November; or
  • an automatic deduction of a further $85.00 per any other additional month.
All Stable Employees (including all persons who assist with the training or care of the horses), must be registered with Racing Victoria by completing a Visiting International Stable Employee Application form. There is no fee for this registration.