What foal year are you accepting?
We are currently accepting the 2016 born foals for Super VOBIS.
When do i have to complete my nomination by?
Nominations for the 2016 born Super VOBIS will close 30 April 2018.
When can i nominate for VOBIS Gold?
Nominations for VOBIS Gold 2016 born foals will commence after the Super VOBIS 2016 born foals period closes (30 April 2018).
My horses Parentage is yet to be verified, can i still nominate?
Horses whose parentage is not verified at the time of nomination will not be able to nominate. Nominators have until 30 April 2018 before nominations close
What documentation is required to support category C nominations?
We request that you provide documentation to support the following criteria;
  • That at the time of the foal’s birth, the foal was Owned at least 50.00% by a Victorian based breeder and;
  • That the foal and dam have resided in Victoria for six continuous months from the time the foal was born until 1 February 2018.
Examples of documentation to support the criteria are but not limited to;
  • Invoices for veterinary services
  • Agistment bills for the foal and dam
  • Invoices for Farrier bills
  • Microchipping invoices related to the foal
  • Transport invoices for the dam and foal Please ensure you provide these documentations in a timely manner, failure to do so may result in the nomination being rejected.
What is a dynamic link?
A dynamic link is specific to each nominator, which includes their own contact details and horses owned within the Australian Stud Book which are parentage identified.
Why haven't i received my dynamic link?
Dynamic links were sent out to nominators whose horses were parentage verified on The Australian Studbook prior to 8 September 2017. Any horses whose parentage is yet to be verified will not receive a dynamic link.

Future dynamic links will be sent out periodically as more horses parentage is verified via The Australian Studbook. If you require to nominate your horse urgently, a manual form can still be downloaded and sent into the VOBIS team.
Can i request a dynamic link?
Unfortunately, dynamic links cannot be requested at this point in time.
I've lost my dynamic link which was sent to me, how do i request it to be sent again?
If you have accidentally deleted your dynamic link and cannot locate it in your emails, please email our VOBIS team at vobis@racingvictoria.net.au
The information on my dynamic link was incorrect, how do i changes this?
The details from the nomination form are extracted from the Australian Studbook, therefore you will need to contact them directly to amend this. They can be contacted by phone on (02) 8072 1900 or via email studbook@racingaustralia.horse.

It is important to update your personal details regularly with The Australian Studbook (studbook@racingaustralia.horse) or click here or by emailing us
Do you still have manual forms?
Manual based forms are still available and can be downloaded from here.
I can't see all my horses listed on the nomination form?
Category A & B horses whose parentage has been verified will only display, given you are the Australian Studbook contact. Any additional category A & B horses along with category C horses can be added into the second part of the online nomination.

Please ensure supporting documentation can be supplied to the VOBIS team when considering nominating category C horses, a full list of acceptable documentation can be found in our Terms & Conditions.
Can i use my rebate voucher online?
Rebate vouchers cannot be redeemed via the online nomination form, a manual form will need to be completed.