Super VOBIS is the base program of the Victorian owner and breeder incentive scheme. VOBIS is designed to reward owners and breeders who invest in Victorian bred horses by increasing their racetrack earnings.

Nominations for 2019 born yearlings will open in October 2020.



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About Super VOBIS
  • Super VOBIS is the initial program to VOBIS. 
  • Offers bonuses on all 2YO & 3YO TAB races in Victoria and stayers maidens for all ages of horses
  • Nominators of VOBIS horses receive a bonus as well as the ownership group       

    Metropolitan Saturday races: $25,500
    Metropolitan Weekday races: $12,750
    Country races: $11,100
    Group and Listed races: $8,500 nominator bonus only

All Super VOBIS bonuses are split over runners finishing first (70%), second (20%), and third (10%).  Each placegetter’s bonus is then further distributed between the owner, nominator, trainer and jockey.

Eligibility & Fees

There are three categories in which a horse may be eligible for Super VOBIS.

Category A – Victorian Sired: A foal sired by a stallion which stood in Victoria during the respective year’s breeding season.

Nomination Fee: $660.00 inc. GST

Category B – Breedback: A foal that is not eligible for 'Category A' and whose dam was served by a stallion which stood in Victoria during the following year’s breeding season.

Nomination Fee: $1,320.00 inc. GST

Category C – Victorian Breeder: A foal that is not eligible for 'Category A' or 'Category B' and is at least 50% owned by a Victorian based breeder at the time of the foal’s birth. The foal and dam must each have resided in Victoria for at least six (6) continuous months after the foal was born and until the closing date of Super VOBIS nominations.

It is important to note that Category C nominations are heavily monitored and we require proof of eligibility. Such evidence may include, yet not be limited to:

1. Invoices for veterinary services
2. Agistment bills for the foal and dam
3. Invoices for farrier bills
4. Micro-chipping invoices relating to the foal
5. Invoices for the foal and dam
6. Ardex files nomination

Nomination Fee: $1,980.00 inc. GST

How To Nominate
  • The nominator (EG: breeder or owner) pays a one-off Super VOBIS nomination fee for each eligible foal. Once nominated for Super VOBIS, horses are eligible to target Victoria's Super VOBIS bonus races.
Where To Find Your Next Super VOBIS Race?

Where to find your next VOBIS Race

  • Can be found through an Inside Racing subscription, which can be subscribed to by contacting Owner Services;
    • T: 1300 139 401
    • E:
  • Through the trainer calendar
Change Of Details Form

To ensure we have the most up to date information for your nomination the below forms are made available:

2019 Born Yearling - Nomination Form

Click here to download the Super VOBIS nomination form for 2019 born yearlings.

- Phone: 03 9258 4694
- Email:

- Do you have a Super VOBIS success story? If so, please share your story with us today at