One of the strengths of Australian thoroughbred horse racing is that owners, trainers and riders are able to travel between states and territories in the knowledge that the conditions of racing are the same as in their own states or territories.

This is achieved by the establishment of national rules and practices. One such policy practice is that the Australian Chairman of Stewards are constantly reaching agreement on a uniform approach to gear that is permitted under AR. 140B. 
Register of National Approved Gear
The various gear approved for use in Australia and the conditions associated with their use are detailed in the Register of National Approved Gear.
Approved Jockey Helmet Cameras

The Jockey Helmet Camera Register contains details of the specific make and models of cameras which have been approved by Racing Victoria for the purpose of obtaining point of view footage from a rider. The register also provides guidance on approved methods of attachment for each camera to a helmet. It should be noted that cameras may not be approved for use in all riding activities, as in some cases the camera may only be approved for use in trackwork and not official trials or races. The register provides details for which a camera is approved by Racing Victoria.

Any individual rider or trainer seeking to use a helmet camera while riding a registered thoroughbred in Victoria must make application to Racing Victoria Stewards outlining the date of intended use and purpose of any vision captured.

All riders are reminded GoPro cameras are not permitted for use under any circumstances by a mounted rider.

Key risks associated with the use of an unauthorised helmet camera include the camera presenting a possible impact hazard on track should a fall occur and the camera affecting the structural integrity of the helmet which may lower safety performance.

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