The information below is for Victorian Trainers licensed for the current racing season. If you are a new Victorian Trainer and wanting to obtain a licence please click here.

Online Forms

Relocation or Additional Stable Applications
If a trainer wishes to apply to re-locate their training premises or apply for an additional licensed stable they must complete a Relocation/Additional Stable Application Form. This form may be submitted online or download Relocation/Additional Stable Application and submit to

Approval Process
  • A stable inspection may be required prior to approval.
  • All Additional Stable applications must be approved by the Licensing Panel which meets monthly.
  • You will receive written confirmation once approved.
  • Horses must not be relocated prior to confirmation of approval.
Transfer of Horses after Nomination Time
In accordance with Local Rule LR 76, if a Victorian trainer intends to transfer a horse to any location other than their licensed premises after nomination time, they must complete a Transfer of Horses After Nomination Time Form. This form may be submitted online or downloaded and then emailed back to RV Stewards (

LR 27 Stabling prior to race

(1) Where a horse has been entered for any race, unless the permission of the Stewards has been granted, from time of entry to arrival on course prior to racing, the horse in question shall be stabled only at the premises from which the horse’s trainer is licensed to train.

(2) Where a horse is entered for a race in which the entries close more than 60 days prior to the advertised date for the running of the race, sub-rule (1) shall not apply from the time of entry, but shall apply from the period commencing 6 days prior to the advertised date for the running of the race.

(3) In this rule, a horse is “stabled” if it is stabled, yarded, or otherwise confined in any manner for any period of time, but does not apply to a horse that is being transported.

(4) The trainer and any other person who was in charge of a horse at a time relevant to sub-rule (1) or (2) and who in the opinion of the Stewards has breached, or was a party to breaching sub- rule (1) or (2) may be penalised, and the horse concerned may be withdrawn from the race or disqualified. [amended 1/9/09]
2023-24 Licence Renewal Information
Training Partnership
Victorian trainers can apply to train in a Training Partnership by downloading and completing the New Training Partnership Form and submitting it to

Training Partnership applications are reviewed by the Licensing Panel which meet monthly.

To dissolve a Training Partnership, a written letter signed by all partners must be submitted to
Apprentice Jockey Employment Accreditation

In September 2018 Racing Victoria announced the introduction of an Apprentice Jockey Employment Accreditation process to ensure the Apprentice workplace is appropriately aligned to support their welfare, well-being and development as a professional rider.

Any trainer who wishes to enter into an employment arrangement with an Apprentice Jockey (including whether by secondment or transfer) must first be accredited by Racing Victoria.

Apprentice Jockey Employment Accreditation Application

Apprentice Jockey Employment Accreditation Process

Applications and all supporting documentation are to be submitted to

Visiting International Trainers (including New Zealand) can apply here
Click here to download the Visiting International Trainers application form.