There are 4 categories of Trainer Licence suitable for applicants with different levels of experience. All new applicants must familiarise themselves with the Trainer Licensing Policy prior to considering making an application.
General Licence Criteria
For all trainer licence applications there are key criteria to satisfy:
  • Experience: has the practical experience reasonably required to carry on the vocation of a trainer;
  • Age: is at least 18 years of age;
  • Stables: has proper stable facilities providing security and safety for staff and horses (with reference to compliance under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004);
  • Financial resources: has adequate financial resources to carry on training activities without material risk of being unable to pay his or her debts as and when they fall due;
  • Suitability: has satisfied Racing Victoria that he or she is suitable to hold a licence or registration in line with the ‘Suitability Policy’, taking into account any fact(s) or matter(s) that it considers appropriate and;
  • Examination: passes the written trainers examination conducted by Racing Victoria.
All Trainer licence applications require 6 months of bank statements in the applicant’s name. As a guide the Licensing Panel are looking for a consistent balance of $10,000 or more over that period.
A Pre-trainer licence is suitable for persons seeking to prepare and educate horses prior to the horses being sent to a licensed trainer for official trials and/or racing. It may be used as an opportunity to gain further experience prior to applying for an upgrade to Restricted Trainer.

A Pre-trainer cannot enter horses in official trials or races. A Pre-trainer applicant must satisfy all the requirements detailed in the Trainer Licensing Policy.

A Trainer must satisfy all the requirements detailed in the Trainer Licensing Policy.

  • Trainers can enter horses in official trails and races
  • Trainers must have a minimum of one satisfactory runner per season
Application Process
Applications can be made by submitting a New Trainer Licence Application to

New Training Licence Application

All new trainer licence applications follow the same process:
  • Complete application with all supporting documents and evidence of meeting criteria;
  • Interview;
  • Stable Inspection;
  • Racing Victoria Licensing Panel recommendation;
  • Racing Victoria Board decision;
  • Written notification of decision.