Have you identified or are aware of a potential equine welfare concern? Everyone has a role in ensuring good welfare for horses across the industry and throughout their lives.

Please note:

  • Racing Victoria has jurisdiction over licensed persons, registered persons, licensed premises and registered thoroughbreds. If your concern does not relate to one of these, please contact the RSPCA.
  • Your details will remain anonymous (unless you otherwise inform us that you do not wish to remain anonymous). In any event, we collect your details in case we need to contact you for further information.
  • The more information you can provide in relation to the horse, location and circumstance, the better Racing Victoria will be able to investigate and ensure the welfare of the horse. Photographs are extremely helpful to identify the horse and the condition it is in.

This below form should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Equine Welfare Concern Form

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Section 2: The horse/s your concern is regarding
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Section 3: Details of your concern
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Section 4: Location of the horse/s
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Section 5: Details of the person responsible for the horse/s?
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