Racing Victoria’s Equine Welfare Strategic Plan (EWSP) sets the agenda for the Victorian racing industry's primary focus on the horses and industry practices to ensure their welfare is protected through to 2027 and beyond.

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Racing Australia has the tools to support participants and owners to understand their obligations under national traceability rules and help ensure the welfare of all our thoroughbreds.

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What should I know:

  1. In 2021 Racing Australia introduced national rules to improve the traceability of thoroughbreds – this covers before, during and after racing. Learn more here.
  2. If your horse is not under the direct care of a licensed trainer, you must ensure that the horse’s status and location information is correct with Racing Australia at all times.
  3. If your horse retires from racing, you must ensure that a retirement notification is submitted with Racing Australia within seven days.
  4. If your horse has retired from racing you can register and claim it on the Off The Track Community, or have the new post-racing owner claim the horse to help improve Racing Victoria’s visibility of retired racehorses.
  5. You can check and update horse status and location information on the My Horse Racing Portal, or by contacting Racing Australia on 1800 870 799

What other traceability rules should I be aware of?

It’s important that in the circumstance when a horse dies, it is reported (including the circumstances, if known) promptly to Racing Victoria. This relates to:

  • AR 292 Death of unnamed horse
  • AR 299 Death of named horse

Given the circumstances, the reporting to Racing Victoria may be completed by the trainer via stable return after notification to the managing owner or syndicate group.

You can find out more about these rules and requirements, by clicking here.

Who can help with my horse or if I need more information?

If you have any questions about thoroughbred traceability or what is required as an owner, you can contact Racing Victoria’s equine welfare team at or 03 9258 4258.

If your horse has retired from racing and you are unable to find a suitable home for their post-racing career, you can find a suitable pathway and support via the Off The Track Community.