We’ve been on our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) journey for a number of years now, moving from a state of compliance to embedding D&I into what we do, say and believe. Our strategic plan identifies diversity and talent as key enablers to achieve our vision of ‘Racing for All’ – more people more often engaging and enjoying our sport. Our rights to exist include our values and social license.

RV’s Diversity and Inclusion Platform

There are a number of initiatives which form part of our D&I platform:

  • A Diversity and Inclusion Plan with key measurables and deliverables to support our Strategic Plan;
  • No Barriers No Limits Working Party – an industry working party focussed on ensuring women enter, remain and thrive in racing;
  • Membership of and participation in the Male Champions of Change Sport – supporting gender diversity;
  • Consultative Committees for Raceday and Non-Raceday team members;
  • People and Culture Policies, including Domestic Violence Support, Flexible Hours of Work (All Roles Flex), Wellbeing Leave.
  • Gender Pay Equity Reviews and Reports. Click here to view the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report.
  • Blinkers Off!  Our Cultural Awareness and Unconscious Bias educational initiative to promote culturally sensitive, non-discriminatory and inclusion principles across RV;
  • Respectful Workplaces Workshops – creating respectful work environments and calling out anti-social behaviours;
  • Inclusive celebrations, events and programs which celebrate D&I;
  • Women’s Mentoring Programs;
  • Employee Assistance Programs supporting wellbeing;
  • Facilities which promote diversity and inclusion, namely the Prayer Room/Breastfeeding Facility.