From owners, to trainers, stablehands and jockeys, all within Victorian racing share a common bond. They are #hereforthehorses every day pursuing a career or hobby within racing because of their love of the horse. They are dedicated and passionate about the thoroughbred and its welfare before, during and after racing. 

The #hereforthehorses platform provides the Victorian racing community and its partners with an opportunity to project their shared values and demonstrate their love of the horse. All within the Victorian racing industry are being encouraged to share how they put the horse first every day and use the hashtag  #hereforthehorses.


The documentary, featuring Bruce McAvaney, Jamie Kah and Danny O’Brien among many others, explores the initiatives and world leading safety standards that Racing Victoria has established to help protect the welfare of all racehorses – before, during and after racing.

This never-before-seen look at the faces and stories of racing, both equine and human, brings to life the moments and decisions that shape a sport and create moments of sporting folklore.

As a participant and/or owner you have a responsibility to make sure you know about your obligations under the Rules of Racing when it comes to your horse’s whereabouts and status.

This is important, especially when your racehorse retires and makes its first transition out of the racing industry – as in most cases they will continue to enjoy another career for up to three times that of their time as a racehorse.

Learn more about your obligations here.

Racing Victoria is committed to developing world-leading equine welfare practices. Horses are the centrepiece of our industry and we are committed to ensuring that they are afforded the appropriate care and attention both during and after their racing life.

If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of thoroughbred racehorses in Victoria please contact the Racing Victoria Equine Welfare Department via email or by phone on 03 9258 4258. Information can be supplied on a strictly confidential basis.