Step 1. Contact the Victorian bookmaker.

Before you make a complaint you must make every reasonable effort to resolve the complaint directly with the bookmaker.  Contact the bookmaker as soon as the dispute happens. Explain the issue and the outcome you want to achieve.

The bookmaker will likely ask you for proof of identity and information that supports your complaint. 

All licensed operators have systems in place to review, record, manage and investigate complaints. In many cases, a phone call can fix the problem.

Ensure you check the bookmakers terms and conditions linked to your account or transaction, including the dispute resolution process.

Step 2. Refer to the Complaints Handling matrix to determine the type of complaint you want to make AND who to lodge your complaint with.  

Complaints are handled by different regulators and statutory bodies depending on the type of complaint. Please refer to the Complaints Handling matrix to determine the type of complaint you want to make AND who to lodge your complaint with. 

This may include the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), the Victorian Bookmakers Association (VBA), Advertising Standards, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, AUSTRAC, the ATO or Interstate regulators where the bookmaker is licensed. 

Refer to the complaints handling matrix here to determine who to lodge your complaint with. 

Step 3. Check to ensure your complaint can be handled by Racing Victoria.

Complaints handled by Racing Victoria include.

The complaints that Racing Victoria can consider in relation to Victorian licensed bookmakers includes:

  • General Betting disputes;
  • Terms and Conditions;
  • Account closure; and
  • Improper or unlawful operations of a bookmaker.

Step 4. Lodging a complaint with Racing Victoria

If your dispute still hasn’t been resolved, you may lodge a dispute with Racing Victoria by emailing

You will need to include all relevant information in relation to the dispute including description, any relevant screen shots, account number and the circumstances. 

You must provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • a summary of the complaint and the outcome you’re seeking;
  • details of the bet or event in dispute;
  • what contact you have had with the bookmaker to try and resolve the dispute;
  • the name of the bookmaker;
  • your betting account name; 
  • copies of information including betting slips;
  • screen shots of Live Chat; and 
  • any other correspondence that supports your complaint.

Step 5. What happens after you submit a complaint?

Racing Victoria will correspond with both parties and set out the information we require and the due date for this information to be provided. 

If information is not provided by the due date, then Racing Victoria will make a decision based on the available evidence at that stage. 

Step 6. Assessing the complaint 

Racing Victoria may request additional information from both parties to the complaint, including, but not limited to:

  • Circumstances of event;
  • Betting slips;
  • Pricing and betting logs;
  • Activity statements;
  • Live Chat screen shots;
  • Emails or other correspondence. 

Step 7. Determining the resolution of the dispute

Racing Victoria’s Authorised Officer will determine the outcome of the dispute based on the evidence provided. 

Depending on the circumstances these options can include:

  • Offering mediation to resolve the issue;
  • Referring the matter to the Betting Supervisor or Authorised Officer to make a decision;
  • Recommending action be taken in accordance with the rules.

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