The Aquanita matter involves the decisions of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RAD Board) dated 8 May 2018 and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) dated 13 September 2019 and 31 December 2019, in which seven licensed and registered persons who worked for or had worked for Aquanita Racing were ultimately disqualified. Following the final VCAT decision, Racing Victoria Stewards were required to give careful consideration under the Rules of Racing as to whether they would exercise their powers to disqualify any implicated horses. In July 2020, having thoroughly analysed the available evidence, the Stewards published their preliminary decisions, and commissioned a show cause process with managing owners or their representatives of the implicated horses at the time of the relevant race.

On 16 March 2021, following the show cause process, the Racing Victoria Stewards announced that 72 starters implicated in the Aquanita case had been disqualified under Australian Rule of Racing (AR) 234.  Following the expiration of the relevant appeal period, the order of placings in those racings have been amended, and connections of horses that have been promoted in the placings may receive additional prizemoney. 

This search tool lists the horses named in evidence adduced at the RAD Board and VCAT, and provides a search tool for other owners to see whether their horse ran against those horses.  The search tool will assist owners of horses to determine whether their horse: was preliminarily chosen for disqualification from its relevant race; was ultimately disqualified from its relevant race; was not preliminarily considered for disqualification from its relevant race; appeared in evidence adduced, but was never able to be disqualified; or ran against any of the beforementioned horses and whether it is eligible for promotion (which may result in the payment of additional prizemoney).

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This horse was not listed in the evidence filed at the RAD Board and VCAT or did not compete in the same race as a horse associated with the Aquanita matter. Therefore, this horse was never eligible for disqualification from or promotion in one of the relevant races.

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{{res.HorseName}} ran against an Aquanita Horse. See details below.

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