Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme set to launch in Victoria

Owners now have a further incentive to race their horses in Victoria thanks to the introduction of the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme (LOIS) which will offer up to $9 million in bonuses to Victorian owners over the next three years.

The Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme, which was officially launched in Tasmania in June, will extend to Victoria from 1 September 2023 and will see an additional $2,000 bonus payment up for grabs for registered owners on 1,500 professional maiden flat races* in Victoria annually.

The bonus payments will be available to the owners of the winning horse who have registered with the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme, with payments prorated to an individual’s ownership percentage of the horse.

Individual owners and/or syndicate managers will need to register themselves or their syndicate and their maiden horse(s) via prior to its win to be eligible for the bonus payment.

Once registered via the Ladbrokes portal, owners will be eligible for bonus payments relating to all current and future horses in which they have an ownership interest when their horse wins its maiden flat race* in Victoria.

Any registered thoroughbred owner can register for the scheme, and bonus eligibility is not contingent on the owner holding a Ladbrokes wagering account. Further, eligibility is not dependent on the entire ownership group being registered for the scheme.  

Owners of a winning maiden horse who are registered for the scheme will be paid by Racing Victoria (RV) at the same time as they receive their prizemoney. 

RV Executive General Manger – Racing, Matt Welsh, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Ladbrokes on this fantastic initiative which will inject up to $3 million in extra bonuses per year into Victorian racing.

“Owners are essential to a vibrant racing industry, and this incentive scheme is another great way to reward those supporting Victorian racing. 

“Owners winning a standard $27,000 country maiden in Victoria can now pocket $2,000 on top of the $14,850 first prize if registered for the scheme. The boosted $16,850 first prize means the maiden will be worth the equivalent of a $30,600 race for those winning owners.

“We thank Ladbrokes for their ongoing support of Victorian racing and of the owners who invest so much into the training and care of their horses.” 

Entain Group Australia (owner of the Ladbrokes brand) CEO, Dean Shannon, said: “Ladbrokes is really proud of our innovative Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme.

“While there has been a lot of focus on prizemoney gains at the top end of town over the past few years, this is recognition that for every horse and ownership group, just getting to the track and getting that first win on the board is a thrilling experience, be that in town or in the bush.

“LOIS has been very well received in Tasmania where we have already seen a host of owners, some of them first time owners, benefiting from the prizemoney boost.

“It is great to now bring the scheme into Victoria and hopefully this will encourage owners, who are very much the lifeblood of the industry to continue to invest and to enjoy the thrill of racehorse ownership.”


* The $2,000 bonus will be offered on all TAB maiden flat races in Victoria, excluding the Future Stars Series. It is not offered on non-TAB and picnic maidens or on any jumps races.