Reminder Regarding Withdrawal Times

Updated: 1 August 2022
Issued: 9 October 2018


After reviewing numerous treatment diaries from licensed trainers across Victoria, Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards are concerned that an adequate safety margin is not consistently being added to the detection time for various medications.

In making any decision regarding the administration of a prohibited substance to a horse that is entered to compete in a race, trial or jumpout, trainers are reminded of their responsibilities in undertaking the appropriate level of due diligence and risk analysis in researching the available information on detection periods for medications, including seeking advice from their Permitted Veterinarian and adding an adequate safety margin.

Trainers are advised to take a conservative approach and consider all variables such as dose administered, duration of treatment, frequency of treatment, any disease process and route of administration when calculating withdrawal times for therapeutic substances where information on detection times is available.

It must be noted that ‘Detection Times’ are not equivalent to safe ‘Recommended Withdrawal Periods’. There are numerous factors that may affect the clearance of a drug from a horse.

To avoid confusion, RV recommends Permitted Veterinarians always provide withdrawal times using the “clear day” terminology where a clear day does not include the day of administration of any treatment or medication, or the day of racing.

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