Products Containing Altrenogest - Update

Racing Victoria (RV) would like to remind trainers and permitted veterinarians that commercial products containing altrenogest for oestrus suppression in fillies and mares should not be used during training or racing.

This advice applies to both oral and injectable products containing altrenogest.

Analysis of batches of products containing altrenogest, performed by Racing Analytical Services Limited, have been found to contain varying levels of the anabolic steroids trenbolone and/or trendione, which are prohibited substances at all times.

Analysis of oral products has identified lower levels of trenbolone and/or trendione than in the injectable products.

RV's advice is not to use products containing altrenogest during training or racing.

As an alternative, RV suggests the use of injectable, short acting progesterone for fillies and mares racing in Victoria. This should be administered in accordance with the manufacturer's guidance and otherwise in compliance with the 'one clear day' rule (i.e. if a filly or mare is racing on a Saturday, progesterone must not be injected at any time on the Friday or the day of the race).

Trainers should consult their permitted veterinarian on the use of injectable progesterone in their fillies and mares. Please note that the suggested use of progesterone only applies to the progesterone injection; it does not include long acting synthetic progestins.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact RV's Veterinary Services Department at: