A bond to last a lifetime with strapper and former Grand Annual winner

This time last year, No Song No Supper was lining up to compete in his third Grand Annual Steeplechase, a race which he had won in 2016 and was runner up in the year prior.

At each of his three years heading to 'The Bool’ for the iconic Warrnambool May Racing Carnival, Supper had a special mate, his strapper, Kym Hobby. Hobby is still by his side looking after the gelding’s every need and campaigning him as an eventer.

Hobby’s association with 'Supper' began five years ago, when the young stable worker met the then six-year-old handsome bay.

“I started my journey with No Song No Supper back in 2013, when I began working for his trainer Patrick Payne. Quite quickly he became one of my favourites, I took a real shine to him and wanted to be with him all the time,” Hobby said.

The pair became inseparable and Hobby would attend all races with Supper.

“I went everywhere with Supper and I was fortunate enough to be by his side as his strapper when he won the 2016 Grand Annual, which was an amazing feeling.

“Us stable staff get very attached to our horses, we don’t just see them as a horse but a huge part of our world.”

When the time came for the gallant jumps horse to be retired, there was only one place he would go. With Hobby making it clear that when he retired from racing, her hand was up to give him a home. It would be Mother’s Day last year that Hobby got the phone call saying that she was allowed to take him home.

Twelve months on and the pair are flourishing together, hoping to move up the grades in eventing and to reach 1* level. Hobby has spent the last year caring for Supper and retraining him in his new career as an equestrian horse, a task which has only made their bond stronger.

“Our goal now is to reach the 1* level in eventing, which means we will be jumping 105cm, I have never reached this height, but I trust this horse with my life and our bond is so strong I know we can do it.”

Hobby says the care and health of this special horse is what really matters and even if he was never rideable again, he would still have a home for the rest of his life.

“I am so grateful that his owners have trusted me to care for him. This horse means the world to me and always will, no matter what.”

The inseparable pair will continue their journey together, eventing during the winter and heading to some local shows during the summer season.