Don't miss out! Register now for the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme

The Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme (LOIS) officially kicked off on Friday, 1 September providing owners an opportunity to compete for an extra $3 million in yearly bonuses in Victoria. 

The scheme will see an additional $2,000 bonus payment up for grabs for registered owners on 1,500 professional maiden flat races* in Victoria annually.

The bonus payments will be available to the owners of the winning horse who have registered with the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme, with payments prorated to an individual’s ownership percentage of the horse.

Individual owners and/or syndicate managers will need to register themselves or their syndicate and their maiden horse(s) via prior to its win to be eligible for the bonus payment.

Once registered via the Ladbrokes portal, owners will be eligible for bonus payments relating to all current and future horses in which they have an ownership interest when their horse wins its maiden flat race* in Victoria.

Any registered thoroughbred owner can register for the scheme, and bonus eligibility is not contingent on the owner holding a Ladbrokes wagering account. Further, eligibility is not dependent on the entire ownership group being registered for the scheme.  

Owners of a winning maiden horse who are registered for the scheme will be paid by Racing Victoria (RV) at the same time as they receive their prizemoney. 

* The $2,000 bonus will be offered on all TAB maiden flat races in Victoria, excluding the Future Stars Series. It is not offered on non-TAB and picnic maidens or on any jumps races.