MyRacehorse introduce super fund for retired racehorses

MyRacehorse joins a growing list of racehorse syndicates and ownership groups that are putting in place lifelong safety nets for their racehorses.

With the introduction of a Horse Super Fund, every person who purchases a micro-share through MyRacehorse is now contributing to the security of their horse’s future beyond the racetrack.

With a portion of every micro-share sale being matched by MyRacehorse, the funds raised will be drawn upon to support the horse’s transition to a post-racing career. This includes covering the cost of specialist retraining and the rehoming process to its new owner.

Having the super fund in place will allow MyRacehorse owners to feel at ease that their horse will receive the best possible opportunity to successfully transition to a second career post-racing. This is important given this chapter of its life is often three times as long as its racing career.

A key part of the super fund is to keep owners connected to their horse post-racing. This is done through regular updates by the new owner via Racing Victoria’s Off The Track Community. Any owner, MyRacehorse or other, can sign up  and claim or register as a Full Circle emergency contact for their horse.

The super fund is another great example of how the racing industry is continuing to take steps to improve welfare outcomes for all racehorses, as well as contributing to Racing Victoria’s ‘Life After Racing’ focus area in its five-year equine welfare action plan announced earlier this year.

If you’re a part of a syndicate or owner group that is looking to put something similar in place to MyRacehorse, but don’t know where to start, email Racing Victoria’s equine welfare team via for assistance.

Learn more about MyRacehorse Super Fund here.