Stewards' Report - Archie Alexander Strangles Update

Racing Victoria (RV) stewards advise that they have today granted permission under special conditions for selected horses from the Archie Alexander stable to be transported to Burrumbeet Racecourse to undertake training with immediate effect.

Mr Alexander’s stable at Ballarat Racecourse remains an “Infected Place” pursuant to Australian Rule of Racing 64K(4) after the 1 September 2018 confirmation of a case of strangles.

A group of horses which have shown positive results on blood tests have been moved from Mr Alexander’s stable to isolated locations away from Ballarat Racecourse where they will remain under quarantine for at least two weeks while further testing is performed.

The remaining horses, which have produced clear blood tests to date, but are awaiting final clearance, are being permitted to be transported to Burrumbeet on the following conditions:


  • That Burrumbeet Racecourse has also been declared an Infected Place pursuant to Australian Rule of Racing 64K(4);


  • Until otherwise advised by the stewards, no other horses will be permitted to enter Burrumbeet Racecourse other than those already present at Mr Alexander’s stables whilst it is an Infected Place;


  • Should any stable other than Mr Alexander present a horse at Burrumbeet Racecourse while it is considered an Infected Place, that stable will be placed in quarantine and under the same restrictions that Mr Alexander currently finds himself under;


  • When all horses that remain at Mr Alexander’s stable are cleared and his stable is no longer declared an Infected Place, Burrumbeet Racecourse will no longer be considered an Infected Place and may permit entry of horses onto the racecourse immediately; and


  • Whilst all horses that remain at Mr Alexander’s stable are not cleared, Burrumbeet Racecourse will remain an Infected Place until such time as his horses and property are cleared or for a minimum of 10 days from the last visit by his horses to the racecourse.


Under the order in place, Mr Alexander is not permitted to transport horses to any location other than Burrumbeet Racecourse without the permission of the stewards, including starting horses in any races.

Testing will continue on Mr Alexander’s stable into next week and the results will ultimately determine when the Infected Place status and associated restrictions are lifted.