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RV Stewards' Report - Jamie Mott

Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards today conducted an inquiry at Seymour Racecourse into a tweet posted on the account of licensed jockey Jamie Mott on the evening of Wednesday, 17 June 2020.

Mr Mott plead guilty to a charge of breaching AR 115 (1)(a) which states that a jockey or apprentice jockey must not engage in misconduct.

The misconduct being that the comments made by Mr Mott on his Twitter account last evening (which were removed after a short period of time) were prejudicial to the image, interests, integrity or welfare of racing and that those comments were not within the conduct expected of a licensed jockey.

Mr Mott’s comments related to considerations of intentionally breaking the whip rules.

The Stewards considered Mr Mott’s comments to be of a serious and inflammatory nature with potentially serious consequences and fined him the sum of $1500.

In reaching their penalty, Stewards also took into account Mr Mott’s guilty plea, remorse, posted apology, removal of the account and that it was his first offence.