Biosecurity Alert: Avian influenza detected in Terang

Racing Victoria would like to make you aware of a biosecurity alert from Agriculture Victoria.

The alert outlines the detection of an avian influenza virus at a poultry farm in Terang, which is linked to a property in Meredith where numerous poultry deaths have recently occurred.

The Terang poultry farm which has close proximity to the Terang Racecourse has been placed under quarantine and Control Orders are in place restricting the movement of poultry, poultry products, equipment and vehicles on or off properties in designated areas – a map of these zones can be found here.

H7N3 - High Pathogenic Strain

The spread of the H7N3 strain of the avian influenza virus from birds to people and horses is considered a very low risk – with no recorded cross over from birds to horses.

As with horses, if handling birds, always practice good personal hygiene.

Please note people cannot become infected by consuming cooked meat or eggs. The Better Health Channel has more information on avian influenza in humans.

General Horse Movement

There are no restrictions on horse movements or the use of horse vehicles or equipment in or out of Control and Restricted areas designated by Agriculture Victoria. Note these areas may change, so it’s important to regularly check the Agriculture Victoria website.

However, if entering a Control or Restricted Area, you, your vehicle and your equipment must not have come into contact with ‘live’ poultry, a property with ‘live’ poultry or poultry equipment within the 'Restricted Area'.

Terang Racecourse

Given the Terang Racecourse is currently situated in a ‘Restricted Area’ close to the quarantined poultry farm in Terang, those who have horses stabled at the track and/or are attending the track must not enter the venue if either before or after attending the venue:

  • They may or intend to come into contact with ‘live’ poultry or a property with ‘live’ poultry;
  • Their vehicle may come into contact with ‘live’ poultry or a property with ‘live’ poultry; or
  • Their equipment may come into contact with ‘live’ poultry or a property with ‘live’ poultry.

Terang Jump-Outs – Tuesday, 28 May 2024

The Jump-Outs scheduled at Terang Racecourse next Tuesday, 28 May 2024 will proceed as scheduled.

Given the Terang Racecourse is currently situated in a ‘Restricted Area’, please note the information and requirements above and stay alert to updates from Agriculture Victoria via the following links:

As for any biosecurity alert, any unusual symptoms in an animal or person should be reported to the relevant authorities.

If you have any further questions about this notice, please email or call 03 9258 4258.