Regarded as one of the greatest racecallers Australia has produced, Bert Bryant began his professional career on the country racetracks of western New South Wales. In 1948 he took up an appointment with 3UZ Melbourne and remained with that station until his retirement in 1977.

His professional skill, colourful language and personality made Bert Bryant an immediate and enduring success. He called 28 Melbourne Cups, and his programs were linked to 48 radio stations throughout Australia with a listening audience of 2.5 million. During his tenure as Director of Sport at 3UZ, the station ratings reached unprecedented levels.

It was not only his technical skill but also the wit and humour he brought to broadcasting which endeared him to audiences. His description of the final stage of a Grand National Hurdle is often recalled. As the leaders came towards the winning post he ran back through the field until he came to the tailender, which he said had managed to stagger over the last hurdle, and might just beat the ambulance to the post provided the vehicle remained in first gear. Famous one-liners from Bert Bryant included: “Hanging like a granny's tooth”, “a wing on every foot”, “he'll need a lantern to find the way home” and “covering more territory than Burke and Wills”. His call of the two horse war between Big Philou and Rain Lover in the 1970 Queen Elizabeth Stakes is considered an epic.

Bryant was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

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