Mandatory Track Rider Accreditation

The safety of our participants always comes first, and this is why Racing Victoria (RV) has introduced mandatory accreditation of all persons who ride trackwork in Victoria.

The safety of our participants always comes first, and this is why Racing Victoria (RV) has introduced mandatory accreditation of all persons who ride trackwork in Victoria.

From 1 August 2022, all Trackwork Riders must be accredited to ride trackwork in Victoria. There are three levels of accreditation – (1) Slow Work; (2) Fast Work and (3) Jump Outs – to ensure all trackwork riders are ‘fit for purpose’ and can carry out their work in a safe and competent manner.

Each of the top two levels of accreditation incorporate the standards of the lower levels. For example, trackwork riders accredited at the highest level, Jump Outs, can ride Slow and Fast Work also. 

New Trackwork Riders 

All new applications for stable employee registration with category Trackwork Rider, must either have evidence of competency (as per below) or be enrolled in a Trackwork Rider course. Evidence accepted includes:

  • Certificate III Racing (Trackwork Rider).

  • Certificate IV Racing (jockey):
  • 22534VIC – Course in Trackwork Riding for Slow Work;
  • 22535VIC – Course in Trackwork Riding for Fast Work;
  • 22536VIC – Course in Trackwork Riding for Jump Outs.
  • Jockeys, including those that have previously held Picnic or Jumps Jockey license (must have evidence).
  • Completed Trackwork Rider Units:
  • RGRPSH205 Perform basic riding skills in the racing industry (Slow Trackwork);
  • RGRPSH306 Develop basic trackwork riding skills (Slow Trackwork)
  • RGRPSH307 Exercise horses in pace work (slow trackwork);
  • RGRPSH404 Ride horses at trackwork (fast trackwork);
  • RGRPSH405 Ride horses in jump outs (jump outs).
  • If a new stable employee wants to ride trackwork and does not have evidence of competency (above), they must enrol in a Trackwork Rider course.  Evidence of enrolment is to be provided at the time of registration and must be completed within 12 months of enrolment.

  • The requirements set out above for new Trackwork Riders also applies to new applications for registrations in Victoria from Interstate and Overseas Trackwork Riders (Note: These conditions do not apply to visiting and short-term Stable Employees (Trackwork Riders).  

Interstate or International Trackwork Riders

Interstate Trackwork Riders transferring to Victoria must meet the same accreditation requirements as Victorian licensed Trackwork Riders.

International Trackwork Riders will not have the same evidence of competency as Australian Trackwork Riders. Therefore, we have introduced a process of recognised prior learning (RPL), requiring international applicants to complete and submit an International Trackwork Rider Application for Skills Recognition form.

For RPL via the International Trackwork Rider Application for Skills Recognition form, the applicant must provide RV with proof of:

  • Registration with another PRA or international racing body (if they register trackwork riders) for a minimum of two (2) years. Evidence of trackwork riding may include a statutory declaration citing dates, employers and locations during the most recent two years of track work riding experience; and/or supporting written advice from PRAs and past employers.
  • Evidence of past registration in the form of copies of cards or other documentation must be provided to RV, plus training certificates including the units/topics that were studied. In the case of those registered as a jockey or an apprentice, they must provide evidence of race riding to support their application; and
  • If the RPL requirement has been satisfied, then RV will consider level of past riding experience when allocating category of Trackwork Rider.  If RPL has not been demonstrated, they will need to enrol in a Trackwork Rider course with a Registered Training Provider (RTO).

Trackwork riding courses are part of the vocational education and training sector and as such government funding is available for those undertaking training and assessment. The courses will provide trackwork riders with formal recognition of their skills. 

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